Breakaway 3

Take a break in peace. Turn your headphone jack into a pause button and more. Seriously. You'll wonder how you lived without it.
Pause on unplug, resume on reconnect.
Music, Spotify, YouTube, and more.
Beautiful, seamless integration.
Highly customizable.

Your personal assistant.

Getting up for a second to grab something across the room? We got you covered. Breakaway automatically pauses your music when you unplug your headphones, and resumes it when you plug them back in. You won't miss a beat to your favorite song, audiobook, podcast, or video—all without interrupting what you were doing.

It works with the mute button too: when you hit mute, your music is automatically paused, and when you unmute, it's resumed. So regardless of how you are listening to music, Breakaway saves you time and energy, letting you focus on more important things.

Oh, and accidentally blasting your 90's playlist into the room again? It's a thing of the past.

Works with your favorite apps.

Supporting many popular music programs, Breakaway brings comfort, ease, and convenience to apps you already know and love. Apps like iTunes, Music, and Spotify all work seamlessly with Breakaway straight out of the box, no extra configuration needed.

More of an Internet user? Breakaway also works with popular websites like YouTube and Vimeo with the included Safari App Extension. Stream music videos, mixes, and soundtracks with the power of Breakaway backing you up. And it doesn't even need to be music releated: Breakaway is perfect for any video content, including movies and shows.

Easy to use.

If you know how to unplug your headphones or press the mute button, you already know how to Breakaway. It's that easy.

Even if you switch between multiple apps, Breakaway figures out which one you using and follows your lead, automatically. No handholding required: it just does the right thing.

Tweak to your heart's content.

Some default behaviors not fitting your groove? Not a problem. With powerful customization options, Breakaway easily lets you adjust how it works. Whether you need a little tweak to make it perfect for you, or you want a full-blown overhaul for your custom setup, you have the power.

Change exactly how your music gets controlled, or create your own custom actions to do whatever you want: lock the screen when you press mute, change EQ settings when you plug in headphones—the world is your oyster.

Minimum system requirements

Breakaway 3