NetHack: Legacy development announce!

Wanted to share this exciting news with everyone! For our next title, we will be working on a rogue-like called NetHack: Legacy!

NetHack is the rogue-like by which rogue-likes are judged, and for good reason: its been in development off and on for about 30 years! This game is brimming with creativity and genius, rightly bestowing its original creators with the adage “The DevTeam Thinks Of Everything”. To try and make a game equal to NetHack is neigh impossible.

That’s why NetHack: Legacy will be based off the NetHack 3.6.x source code, to give you the dungeon-crawling experience in its purest form. Here is a rough picture of what we are looking for in the first release:

  • TTY graphics, without the TTY: no need to fiddle with terminal settings, DEC/IBM graphics, etc: it “just works”. Also, NetHack was designed to be enjoyed with the beloved ASCII graphics, so that’s what we will provide :).
  • Friendly defaults: change some defaults to make the game enjoyable out-of-the-box, like setting up a colored interface, menucolors, statushilites, etc. We may throw in a few handy patches here and there if they add to the original NetHack experience.
  • Unified cross-platform: provide the same experience on whatever OS you are using. Things look the same, keyboard commands work as expected, savefiles are compatible, etc. Don’t need to compile anything, cart around your nethackrc’s; just launch it and play.
  • And much more…

Also, if these sound like “well yeah, duh!” types of things, that’s because they are! We will let you know a more detailed roadmap in a bit.

And to avoid any confusion, we are not the DevTeam! The DevTeam is the group of people who developed and still develop the original, vanilla NetHack. They are still alive and well, squashing bugs and working their mystical work. Where we can, we will share our work with them to improve the codebase and take this game to the level.

NetHack holds a special place in our hearts, and we can’t count how many countless hours we spent roaming the dungeons… only to die Yet Another Stupid Death. We hope to provide others with the opportunity to build those fond memories.